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JQUEEN watch winder manual

Thank you for purchasing this Jqueen watch winder. This manual will help you get the best performance of your new winder. Please be sure to read this manual completely before operating this product and save it in future reference.


This watch winder is designed to keep your valuable mechanical watch on the move when you are not wearing it and wake sure your timepiece’s movement keeps wound of their need automatically.


  • Mode1: OFF;
  • Mode2: Rotate 4 minutes 30 second Clockwise. Rest for 55 minutes 30 second. Repeat;
  • Mode3: Rotate 4 minutes 30 second Counter-Clockwise. Rest for 55 minutes 30 second. Repeat;
  • Mode4: Rotate 4 minutes Clockwise. Rest for 26 minutes. Rotate 4 minutes Counter-Clockwise. Rest for 26 minutes. Repeat;
  • Mode5: Rotate 6 minutes Clockwise. Rest for 24 minutes. (work 4 hours, rest 8 hours), Rotate 4 minutes 30 second Counter- Clockwise. Rest for 55 mintutes 30 second (work 4 hours, rest 8 hours);
  • 5 direction of rotation modes: OFF, Clockwise Mode; Counter-Clockwise Mode; alternating and Clockwise + Counter- Clockwise Mode;
  • Ultra-quiet motor with optimal 7.5 turns (+-0.5 turns) per minute;
  • Pre-engineered ‘rest & sleep cycle’ to protect the mainspring of your watch from over-winding;
  • Powered by 3V 1.2A power cable (included);
  • Fully by handcrafted this product is with coated and polished multi-layers lacquer exterior and deluxe faux leather lined interior.


  • Step 1- Choose a position where your watch winder can stand safely and upright, make sure it on a horizontal surface in order to allow the optimum operation.
  • Step 2- Remove the cushion from the watch winder. After inserting your watch (watch dial facing outwards) on the cushion.
  • Step 3- Plug the 3V 1.2A power adapter into the backside of watch winder.
  • Step 4- Select rotation direction mode your watch requires. You can choose clockwise(↻), counter- clockwise(↺) , alternately clockwise/ counter-clockwise(Ω) or Clockwise + Counter-Clockwise (Ω)on the controller panel. Your watch manufacturer can provide the guidance here. As a suggestion, you can always select the alternating setting.

    To stop the winder rotating, turn the controller to “OFF” position.


Power adapter: 100V-240V, 50 / 60 Hz Input, 3V 1.2A Output


  • Use a microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth to clean the watch winder surface with circular movements. Do NOT placing your winder in direct sunlight.
  • Clean the interior regularly with a brush by brushing in the direction of the grain. DO NOT use vacuum cleaners or anywet cleaning tools.
  • The motor and electronic pats do not require any maintenanceto ensure the fault-free functions.


  • Before operating the watch winder, please contact your watch manufacturer for the information of TPD (turns per day) and rotation direction requirement of your watch.
  • Please remove the power adapter when the watch winder is not used for a long time.
  • Please turn off the watch winder before inserting or removing the watch.
  • Please DO NOT block the rotator when the watch winder is moving.
  • Keep children under 8 years of age away from the watch winder and power cables. Children shall not play with the units.
  • Keep the watch winder away from the high magnetic object.
  • Specifications subject to change without notice in accordance with our policy of continuous product improvement.


  • Our watch winder is warranted for 18 months against any defect in manufacturing and material, starting from the date of original purchase, which is only valid against presentation of the proof of purchase or valid receipt.
  • This warranty shall not apply to the damages caused by:

    (a) The product normal wear, such as increased noise, cuts, scratches, stains, etc;

    (b) Improper usage of the product, such as impact, shock, unauthorized intrusion into the product, ect;

    (c) Usage in an unsuitable environment, such as moisture, water, vibrations, excessive heat and other damaged elemental;

    (d) Any lack of care, accidents and abuse;

    (e) Be altered without the official authorization buy us.

  • Our is not responsible for any loss or damage due to the purchase, use or inability to use the product, or for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages.
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