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What Watch Winder does Rolex Recommend? BEST WATCH WINDER FOR ROLEX

Sep 3, 2020

Watches are more popular than ever and not simply because we need to tell the time. Wearing a classy watch is very much a fashion statement and the classier the watch, the more spectacular the statement. Of course, in the world of watches, it doesn’t come any classier or spectacular than a Rolex. The name is synonymous with luxury and prestige, a universal symbol of success and permanent style. As a name, it has earned iconic status over time backed by an unshakable dedication to craftsmanship and utter practicality and is frequently cited as the brand with the best reputation in the entire world. And that’s not mere marketing. A Rolex oozes luxury and screams success.

If you’re lucky enough to afford a Rolex in the first place then you’ve obviously achieved some measure of success.

When it comes to owning an automatic, self-winding watch like most Rolex watches, you will always find a time when it just runs out of steam.

However, it’s an unfortunate fact that most men don’t realize that there is some maintenance involved in owning one. Would you buy a Ferrari and then never wash it or change the oil? Of course not. In addition to servicing it every five years (on average), there are other things you can do to make sure your Rolex stays in mint condition and becomes an heirloom worthy of passing down to your children.

It goes without saying that the owner of a Rolex needs a budget that matches what it will take to keep this prized possession in the best condition possible. So, if youre fortunate enough to have a Rolex in your collection, youll want the best equipment to be able to keep it in great shape.

That is where a quality watch winder comes in. You can place your watch in it when you go to bed, and wake up the next day (or even days later) and know that the time is still set correctly and it is charged and ready to go. Usually for over 40 hours, depending on the Rolex model you have.

A watch case is obviously a better bet than just throwing it in a drawer. But a watch winder is a more intelligent solution as it will not only preserve your timepiece from scratches and dust but will also keep it running properly as well as set to the correct time and date. Look for one with a solid case and silent motor capable of running long enough to keep the watch up to speed and functioning smoothly. The best ones will even allow you to set the turns per day (TPD).

Why Buy A Watch Winder For Your Rolex?

A couple of reasons come to mind. First is convenience, as a watch winder will regulate the power in the movement of the Rolex by constantly rotating the watch. It can keep your automatic watch wound even when it’s not being worn, while keeping the lubricants of the device flowing to prevent oil from congealing. If you own multiple Rolexes, a winder with more than one “cup” can keep them all ready to be worn at any time.

Secondly, a watch winder can be just as much of a decorative item as a functional one. Whether it’s housing just one or several watches, the device provides your high-priced wrist wear a platform to shine as guests and spectators admire it, should you choose to let them. Most watch winder builders furnish their creations with quality materials to complement the premium appearance of the timepieces inside.  

Additional features are quite common on modern watch winders too. This can consist of specialties like optional fast-winding or sleep functions. Both are useful options for the dedicated Rolex wearer. Extra storage slots can be found on some models, storing extra links for your watch band, specially ordered dials or other accessories.

If you choose to invest in a watch winder, there are many options available to suit any budget.  Single watch boxes can start as low as $59.99, and more expensive options boast a price tag that exceeds $1k. Both options have their benefits, here are the best ones you can buy at various price points:

Single Watch Winder - Apple Wood: $59.99


Double Automatic Rolex Watch Winder - Black & Ebony$79.99


Double Watch Winders - Rosewood: $79.99


Six Automatic Watch Winder, Built-in Blue LED Illuminated: $229.99


JQUEEN Watch Winder for 4 Automatic Watches,Upgraded Adjustable Watch Pillows Fit for Lady and Men's Watches with LCD Touch Screen$369.99


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