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Six Automatic Watch Winder with 7 Extra Storages Spaces

Six Automatic Watch Winder with 7 Extra Storages Spaces

$225.99 $450.00
SKU: 5R3672EB
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$225.99 $450.00
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Protect Your Watch
It’s necessary to store mechanical watches in watch winder for winding to keep the mechanical gears of your watch lubricated, which can extend the watch lifespan and make watch work accurately.

Prevent Magnetization
The internal motor adopts a closed design which can separate it from watches so that watches can not be magnetized and influence the time.

Multiple Rotation Setting
There are 5 modes to adjust the winding way that can match different brand of watches.

● Mode1: OFF.

● Mode2: Clockwise for 2 minutes and stop for 13 minutes. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. (TPD 900)

● Mode3: Counter-Clockwise for 2 minutes and stop for 13 minutes. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. (TPD 900)

● Mode4: Turn forward for 2 minutes, stop for 18 minutes. Reverse for 2 minutes, stop for 18 minutes. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. (TPD 650)

● Mode5: Turn forward for 4 minutes, stop for 28 minutes. Reverse for 4 minutes, stop for 28 minutes. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. (TPD 900)

Ultra-quiet Motor
This watch winder uses high quality Japanese upgraded Mabuchi motor which is a well-known brand to make precision motors. These motors control noise under 10db that even though you put it in your bedroom it can also offer you an extremely quiet experience.

High Quality
The watch winder is made of high quality wood, which is environment-friendly, and has exquisite wood grain, while the pillow is made of leather which is soft and can protect watch well.

Suitable for All Size of Watch
No matter women' s small size or men’ s oversized watch, the mechanical automatic watch winder is able to hold it.

Practical Design
● Lock Design—The watch winder adopts lock design not only decorate the watch winder but also protect the watch more safely.

● Large Capacity—There are 6 winder space and 7 storage space in the watch winder which can fit your needs.

Great Workmanship
The surface of this product is painted in many processes which makes it smooth and bright, having a long using time.

Power Supply
The watch winder is powered by 100-240v AC Adapter(included).

Safe Packaging
The watch winder is packaged in four layers of waterproof pearl cotton, non-woven bag, full-cover pearl cotton, and outer carton to ensure our products completely and safely.

Size: 26.5*48.5*22cm

Material: Wood box/leather pillow/Acrylic panel

Color: Dark red/ off white

Package Includes: 1*watch winder, 1* adapter, 1* manual, 1* a piece of cloth for wiping, 1*key

Please Note:
1. We have 18-months warranty and friendly customer service.

2. Please make sure that your watch is fixed well on the pillow.

Customer Reviews (2)
Average Rating
5 5
  • 2/12/2022
    5 5 5
    Major modification to old diplomat winder
    I ordered these watch winders to replace the (nearly identical) diplomat winders which have been in use for over five years and with half of the turntables out of service, I am delighted to see some major improvements to these units:- The inner color is clear cream instead of black which makes my timepiece stand out. - The dial is in a more slanted position so even a bulky watch won't touch and scratch the acrylic window. This happened to my old one on the winder, and causing friction must be the reason for the failure of the turntable mechanism. - The 3 turntables of the winder have their own control knobs. The old winders only had two knobs, one controlled 2 turntables, and the other controlled 1 2 turntables. This provides more operational flexibility. - The brackets in the turntables (2 per turntable) are separated a bit so the watches don't touch each other when winding. This was an issue I had with an old winder and caused a couple of scratches to my watch. - on top of that...the motor in my old winder had a belt drive with a cheap flat rubber belt. The first time the turntable failed, I found a blog post that suggested replacing the flat belt with an o-ring. When I turned on the motor to replace the belt, I found several broken belts and a lot of rubber dust inside the motor gearbox. Cleaning the rubber dust and replacing the flat belt with an o-ring made The units come back to work and gave me a few extra years of service (until now). So when I received a new winder, the first thing I decided to do was replace the belt with an o-ring, from a Safe to start with. But when I turned on the first motor...surprise! No belt! The new motor gears have no belts, everything is driven by a plastic gear wheel. This is a major improvement, using a Japanese motor instead of a Chinese motor .big difference! So I put my new winder into service right away and it ran flawlessly and silently. I'm so glad I decided to buy these at a lower price to replace my old winder!
  • 2/11/2022
    5 5 5
    Superb quality, fit and finish. Needs a better way to fit larger wrists
    "First off, I have mid-range automatics. Seiko, Orient, and Hamilton. I know automatics need to stay wound and running to last. I've been working on watch winders for a while now and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on one. The JQUEEN model seems to have more positive reviews than bad reviews, but time will tell. One thing that several reviewers have mentioned is that these winders will constantly keep your watch fully wound, even on the nine-hour rest setting. I took their advice and bought a $10 digital timer and set it to run for six hours. It seemed to work fine. I initially set it to four hours, but they stopped working. This made The watch can be wound for 18 hours, which I think is well balanced. As far as sound goes, I can't hear anything unless I lift the top and put my ear on the case while it's running. The case is well made, even though it has a glossy finish, it's not that super high gloss that a lot of cheap products have. Now, for 4 stars. 1 I didn't have it long enough to justify its longevity (about 2 weeks at this point) 2 My wrist measures about 7 1/2" circumference. The metal bracelet watch is too big, even with the outer ring on the pillow. So every time the watch is rotated, the watch "flips" from side to side. This will hit the motor and gearbox and will kill them in a short amount of time. I took the rubber bands and wrapped them around the pillow holder. This not only adds size but also helps hold the watch and stops it from getting the Side "flipped" to the other side. This is my only real issue with the winder. Hey JQUEEN, please get some thicker outer rings for the stand."


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"Hi, I lost the wire, is there any way to purchase it by itself? Thank you!!!!
By: William Owens on Mar 15 2022 2:38 AM
Sorry I have not had to substitute the wire. Is there an mfr website? I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the winder."
" How many watches are in the run?
By: Michelle Gellings on Mar 20 2022 2:36 AM
Each turntable is individually controlled. You can have as few as one watch or as many as six watches in the run.
How is this powered? is it 240V (European power) compatible?
By: Taljah Blue on May 27 2021 11:58 PM
It is powered by 100-240v AC Adapter(included) or 2X 1.5V Battery (not included), and the AC adapter in the package works with 240V.
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