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Sepano 4 Watch Winder Box, Black Piano Paint, Quiet Motor

Sepano 4 Watch Winder Box, Black Piano Paint, Quiet Motor

$269.99 $629.00
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$269.99 $629.00
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Very low product defect rate.
Very Collectible Watch Winders.
A watch winder suitable for most watches.

Winder composition:
Ebony Wooden Paint shell.
Clear acrylic glass.
Soft PU watch pillow.
Silent motor.

Easy to Use

5 Modes:
Mode 1: OFF Automatic Watch Winder.
Mode 2: Clockwise for 2 minutes and stop for 13 minutes. (12 hours on, 12 hours off).
Mode 3: Counter-Clockwise for 2 minutes and stop for 13 minutes. (12 hours on, 12 hours off).
Mode 4: Clockwise for 2 minutes, stop for 18 minutes. Counter-Clockwise for 2 minutes, stop for 18 minutes. (12 hours on, 12 hours off).
Mode 5: Clockwise for 4 minutes, stop for 28 minutes. Counter-Clockwise for 4 minutes, stop for 28 minutes. (12 hours on, 12 hours off).

Good Gift!

This watch winder can always be a great and meaningful gift for your family and friends, Such as birthday, father's day, mother's day, thanksgiving, graduation ceremony, new year, Christmas, wedding, anniversary, etc.
Please Note:
1. We have an 18-months warranty and friendly customer service.
2. Please make sure that your watch is fixed well on the pillow.
Customer Reviews (2)
Average Rating
4.5 4.5
  • 3/15/2022
    4 4 4
    the world's attention
    "I'll be the first to admit that there's probably nothing more """"""""bougie"""""""" than ordering not a """""""" need"""""""" issue. With this disclaimer, because I love to share - I have a " thing"""""""" cat, coat, automatic watch, and novelty T-shirt that embarrassed my kids, in that order. That's where the crying story begins - when I want to put on my automatic watch, it's really inconvenient to take it out of the closet and not have it ready. Every time I have to reset the time and date, this can actually be time-consuming depending on my specific watch model. Since I don't wear it every day, the automatic movement doesn't get the arm movement time and date it needs to stay powered. The easy fix is ​​to wear it every day, but I prefer to use my much cheaper Polar fitness tracker on leisure days - especially when I'm running, exercising, or doing something. Since my husband also owns an automatic watch, we bought this JQueen watch winder that fits four watches - which means we also have a slot to expand to - #Squad goal. Higher-end watch winders (Volta, Orbita, Wolf, etc.) can cost upwards of $500, especially those that fit 4 watches. So it's a much lower price point compared to others I've seen, and it actually looks pretty good. More importantly, it does a great job - it's quiet, keeps the watch wound and ready to wear, I don't need more. Here are some extra notes that I think are worth mentioning: - Dual power supplies. The winder can run on electricity and batteries. The battery compartment (excluding batteries) is hidden from view. - The watch winding motor has 3 direction settings (Clockwise, Counterclockwise, and Alternate) and multi-turns per day setting. - The outside is highly lacquered wood (piano lacquer, apparently), very lovely. - The clear case is acrylic, not glass. - The inside of the box does not light up. -The watch is secured with an adjustable storage pad. I have small wrists and one of my watches struggled to fit even with the smaller pads. -Two knobs on the bottom, one to control each spin wheel individually, these knobs feel cheap and hard to turn. If you want a cheap watch winder that can hold more than two watches and doesn't care if it's made of solid sapwood from some exotic region, this will do the trick. It looks more high end without the price tag"""""""
  • 3/4/2022
    5 5 5
    5 stars
    "The watch winds up nicely, but not perfect. Good stuff first, the motor is so quiet I can't hear it at all at night. I really like the foam rubber pillow that the watch straps on. The material seems to hold up well with repeated squeezing. The design of the pillow and stand is great, you can tie the watch to the pillow in 2 different directions, so one method works well for small watches, or if you have thin wrists like me or another method for smaller watches Large size watch. I have a 6.5" wrist and the watch fits perfectly on the pillow in the small orientation, it just fits comfortably but doesn't squish the pillow at all. Having a switch for each motor is great, and what this winder sells me more than other motors in this price range is the different patterns. I like to use a clockwise/counterclockwise pattern so that the winding parts in the watch wear equally in both directions. It may not matter, but it makes me feel better. Really, my only criticism is that the lining on the back panel below the stand has a couple of spots that aren't well glued. It doesn't come off and fall apart or anything, it's just a matter of appearance. Compared to other winders on Amazon that cost $200-$300 or more, this winder is a good value for its features and does a good job, which I'm very pleased with."


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"How to set the rotation mode?
By: Oliver Quello on Mar 15 2022 2:38 AM
If your watch is not used for a long time, the latter mode is more fit for you. It will not damage the wristwatch, you need to pay more attention to the state of the watch."
"Can it use batteries?
By: Newer guest on Mar 25 2022 2:36 AM
Yes, it can be powered by an adapter (100-240V) or two 1.5V batteries.
What are the Main winder functions?
By: Joash Ee De Silva on Oct 10 2020 7:34 PM
1. Provides convenience and saves your time, also ensuring you, the watch owner, peace of mind and making you feel confident that your watch is ready for use at any moment, even if you wear it rarely. 2. Reduces the wear of the watch winding mechanism and thus prolonging the life cycle.
How much winding does my watch need?
By: Chen Janey on Oct 10 2020 7:34 PM
Different watches have different recommended turns per day. Turns per day, or TPD, are the number of turns of the internal motor that will keep a particular watch wound. Most automatic watches require 600 to 1000 TPD, but they do vary between manufacturers and even between models. All of our watch winders are set to accommodate the minimum requirements of TPD.
Are the motors silent?
By: kara janney on Dec 12 2021 7:39 AM
Yes, we use a Japanese upgraded Mabuchi motor, control tiresome noise below 5 DB, offer extremely quiet, stable running, and long life. A literally noise-free winder that you can place in your bedroom.
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