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JQUEEN Watch Winder for Automatic Watches with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor

JQUEEN Watch Winder for Automatic Watches with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor

$59.99 $140.00
SKU: 5Z1101EB
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$59.99 $140.00
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Protect Your Watch

It’s necessary to store mechanical watches in a watch winder for winding to keep the mechanical gears of your watch lubricated, which can extend the watch lifespan and make the watch work accurately.

Prevent Magnetization

The internal motor adopts a closed design that can separate it from watches to not be magnetized and influence the time.

Strong Compatibility

There are 5 modes to adjust the winding way that can match the different brands of watches.

● Mode1: OFF.

● Mode2: Clockwise for 2 minutes and stop for 13 minutes. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. (TPD 900)

● Mode3: Counter-Clockwise for 2 minutes and stop for 13 minutes. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. (TPD 900)

● Mode4: Turn forward for 2 minutes, stop for 18 minutes. Reverse for 2 minutes stops for 18 minutes. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. (TPD 650)

● Mode5: Turn forward for 4 minutes, stop for 28 minutes. Reverse for 4 minutes stops for 28 minutes. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. (TPD 900)

High Quality

The watch winder is made of high-quality wood, which is very environmental-friendly, while the pillow is made of leather which is soft and can protect the watch well.

Precise Motor to Be More Silent & Durable

This watch winder uses a durable Japanese upgraded Mabuchi motor, a well-known brand to make precision motors. These motors control noise under 10db that even though you put it in your bedroom it can also offer you an extremely quiet experience.

Fit for All Size of Watch

The watch winder contains a soft and flexible pillow that can fit all sizes of the watch. No matter women's s small size or men’s oversized watch, the mechanical automatic watch winder is able to hold it.

Dual Power Supply

The watch winder is powered by 100-240v AC Adapter(included) or a 2 x 1.5v battery(not included). 2 kinds of power supplies are convenient for you when you are on a business trip.

Exquisite Appearance

The watch winder surface is made through many painting processes, which makes it more beautiful, bright, and smooth. The leather inside and wood pattern look fashionable and luxurious.


Size: 13*13*16cm

Material: Wood box/leather pillow/Acrylic panel

Color: Dark red

Package Includes: 1*watch winder, 1* adapter, 1* manual, 1* a piece of cloth for wiping

Please Note:

1. We have an 18-months warranty and friendly customer service.

2. Please make sure that your watch is fixed well on the pillow.

Customer Reviews (26)
Average Rating
4.75 4.75
  • 3/8/2022
    5 5 5
    Awesome watch winders
    Bought the JQUEEN Dual Watch Winder for my dad on Father's Day and he loved it so much that when my boyfriend told me he wanted a birthday present, I knew exactly what to buy! I can't stress enough how good-looking the watch winder looks. Very stylish and modern and looks great on a dresser. Also, it works very well. My husband doesn't wear his watch on the weekends and is tired of always having to reset the time and date. no longer! I highly recommend this, based on these two experiences, anything from JQUEEN!
  • 3/3/2022
    5 5 5
    Simple, quiet, space-saving watch shaker.
    Good reliable cheap winder. Only one winding setting clockwise and counterclockwise 2 minutes, rest 6 minutes. Inexpensive for those of us who just need a watch
  • 1/26/2022
    5 5 5
    The effect is particularly good, the operation is very quiet.
  • 1/23/2022
    5 5 5
    5 Stars
    Very good winder, very quiet
  • 1/15/2022
    4 4 4
    So pretty
    It is so good , quiet and perfect! Thanks!
  • 1/12/2022
    4 4 4
    The watch goes around.
  • 1/11/2022
    5 5 5
    Nice and simple design
    as advertised. Easy to operate, simple, and convenient.
  • 1/10/2022
    5 5 5
    This is a very nice box, finely crafted to keep the watch in perfect time.
  • 1/8/2022
    5 5 5
    Bought the winding machine as a gift and he likes it very much. He used it right away and said it worked great. I love the look and sturdiness of it! I will definitely buy another one as a gift.
  • 1/4/2022
    4 4 4
    have a great time
    This is the only watch winder that can wind my watch correctly and work well. Their customer service is as good as the product. A small problem led to an extremely fast response and revolution. I have bought two of them.


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"Will it work with a Jord wood watch
By: Marlene Garrick on Mar 20 2022 8:12 AM
I am not familiar with your watch but it should work with any self-winding watch."""
Is there a specific setting for different watches? My father has a 1967 Submariner and was curious if he is using any particular setting?
By: Anthony Chille on Mar 10 2022 8:09 AM
No particular settings that I'm know. My only issue with this winder is that the motor gets
How can the watch winder prolong the life of my watch?
By: Ben Su Yong Kim on Oct 10 2020 7:34 PM
When a watch slows down or stops, the lubricating oil inside it will stay in one place, create clumps and lose a certain viscosity level. As a result, it will be more likely that some moving parts will not be oiled anymore at the moment when the movement will start functioning again.
How long will it run before the batteries need to be replaced, when not using the cord?
By: Janey Chen on Sep 22 2022 11:57 PM
If you prefer to run the winder with batteries, for normal fresh batteries, it would last 15 days; for better fresh batteries, it would last longer.
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