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What is an automatic watch winder?

Watch winder is a device with an electrical motor which will automatically wind your watch when you are not wearing it. It will maintain your watch in working condition so that it is ready for use at any moment. On top of that, the watch winder provides a uniform distribution of oil inside the watch. That is, your watch movement will always stay oiled even if you do not wear it for a long time.

Why should one use the watch winder?

Automatic watches have a limited power reserve, so if you stop wearing them and winding them up, they will run down in two or three days. This depends on the watch brand and on movement (caliber) used. When your watch stops, you must reset time and wind up your watch. If your watch has additional functions (such as, calendar, lunar calendar, perpetual calendar), their resetting may take up quite a lot of time and require certain skills. Additionally, watch movement should work continuously in order to secure movement lubrication.

How does watch winder work?

A watch is placed into a special cup which makes a certain number of rotations with a certain amount of time, slowly spinning in both directions. As a result, your automatic watch will never stop and lubricating oil is uniformly spread throughout the watch movement.
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