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Why Do You Use Watch Winder?

Sep 14, 2021

Nowadays, with the increasing variety of watches, the watch winder comes into being as a derivative product. This item, invented for the maintenance of automatic mechanical watches, has become a popular topic among watch lovers and has led many people who are new to watch lover groups full of questions about watch winders.

Why do you need a watch winder after you buy an automatic mechanical watch? What is the purpose of a watch winder? Is it harmful to the watch? Today, we are going to answer why use watch winder.

What is the Object of a Watch Winder?

As I mentioned earlier, the watch winder is considered as a derivative of the watch, and it appears to maintain and protect the automatic mechanical watch.

We all know how mechanical watches work. They are powered by the mainspring in the movement. The mainspring stores energy, which drives the gears to push the watch hand. The addition of an oscillating weight inside the movement of an automatic mechanical watch allows one to generate power through wrist movements after wearing the watch, storing energy for the mainspring.

There is a keyword, movement. Automatic mechanical watches require movement of the wrist to keep the watch working and the time accuracy. If the watch is not worn for a long time, it will stop moving.

What Kind of People is Suitable for Watch Winder?

There is no doubt that watch lovers treasure more than one mechanical watch. When you wear a mechanical watch, your other watches will be left idle. Mechanical watches that don't go for a long time will cause damage inside the movement and affect the time accuracy. At this time, having a watch winder can solve the above problems.

Therefore, we can also conclude that the object of a watch winder is automatic mechanical watches, and it is suitable for people who own two and more automatic mechanical watches.

What is Watch Winder?

Watch winder, you can also call it automatic watch winder or automatic watch box, which usually refers to a watch box equipped with a motor and used for automatic winding of high-end mechanical watches.

  • Components of a Watch Winder

    A watch winder usually consists of a micro motor, a dial, a watch pillow and an outer box. Most of the brands of watch winders use the Mabuchi motor imported from Japan, which is of good quality and workmanship and will not cause harm to the watch, and also has a longer service life.

    Most of the watch pillows are made of soft leather or velvet, which can protect the watch. The outer box is mostly in wood, but in the last two years, there are also many boxes in leather and carbon fiber. The material varies and the shape is different.

  • Working Principle and Function

    Automatic mechanical watches generally have a fixed winding direction and TPD. The motor inside the watch winder drives the dial to rotate, which can drive the watch movement on the dial. By setting the watch winder rotation mode, it can simulate wrist movement to wind your watch. In this way, your watch is able to keep turning even when it is idle.

What is the Purpose of Using Watch Winder?

  • To Help Wind the Watch

    There is a proper amount of activity to keep your automatic mechanical watch wound. Stopping an automatic watch for too long can cause rust inside the movement, which can easily cause wear and tear when it runs again, thus affecting time accuracy and the life of the watch. With a watch winder, you can protect your watch and extend the life of your watch.

    If you have an automatic watch with complex functions, such as a perpetual calendar or a moon phase indicator, it can be very difficult to adjust these functions manually. Whereas when you have an automatic watch winder, your watch will always be wound correctly and you don't have to re-adjust the settings. Whenever you want, you can just wear it on.

  • To Store Your Watch

    Although a watch winder is a movement tool, it is still a box by nature. Therefore it can also serve as a great product for storage. Many brands of watch winders come with storage locations that can hold several watches. The soft watch pillow inside the winder and the sturdy outer box obviously protect your watch better.

  • To Display Your Collection

    Many watch lovers make a point of putting their watches in display boxes for display. A watch winder is a great display box. Take JQUEEN's watch winder as an example, this brand comes in many models with LED lights, which has a classic and elegant look, and it also shows and highlights the beauty of your watch, keeping it working while showing it to you, your family and friends.

In conclusion, the watch winder is an absolutely practical product. It has a variety of uses and most importantly, it will protect your watch and extend the life of your watch.

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