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Which Watch Winder Should I Buy?

Sep 3, 2020

There once was a time when a gentleman’s daily ritual involved the winding of his watch. Whether in the morning before leaving for work or in the evening after removing it for bed, it was a moment for connection and contemplation.

The rise of self-winding, or automatic, movements has all but consigned this custom to the past, as the action of our arm alone is enough to spin the rotor inside and charge the mainspring.

That’s fine, but what about when you start to build up a watch wardrobe or don’t want to wear your automatic every day? The average power reserve rarely stretches beyond 42 hours, meaning you need the patience to reset the time every time you switch watch. And what if you leave it for longer?

Well, leave a mechanical watch dormant for more than a few months and, like a car engine, the movement’s oils gravitate away and congeal. Start it up again and the unlubricated points of contact grind against each other, to disastrous effect. Which is where a watch winder comes in.

Your timepiece deserves a piece of your time. Watch winders are maintenance devices that upkeep your automatic, self-winding watch moving when you’re not wearing it. True gentleman wear excellent timepieces, crafted of the best moving parts on the market , and you can’t let those sit there and rot when you’re not using them. Take a gander at these watch winders to upkeep your arsenal of bling when you’re not using them.

Watch Winders For A Single Watch

Best Single Watch Winder - Black

Best best single watch winder with quiet motor for men's and women's watches, keep your watch ticking

Jqueen best single watch winder in black piano finish with very quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor, 100% Handmade, with 68 procedures paint process strictly quality control, perfect gift choice

Watch Winders For Multiple Watches

Double Automatic Watch Self Winder with Quite Motor - Ebony

100% handmade exquisite workmanship, powered with Japanese super silent motor no running noise, high quality PU leather pillow fit for different sizes of watches, dual power supply more reasonable. This watch self winder is a perfect gift choice.

Automatic Triple Watch Winder With Lcd Touch Screen in Black Interior

This triple watch winder can rotate 3 automatic watches, equipped with super slient gear driven Janpanese motors, 3 direction settings and 5 TPDS Per Day settings, Lcd Touch Screen degin that you can click the screen to meet your any needs.

4 Watch Winder with Quite Motor - Ebony

This high-end 4 watch winder holds up to four watches, it adopts Japanese super silent motor and equipped with 3 direction settings(clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating), AC or battery powered, it do can meet your any expectations and needs.

Watch Winder 6 Watches With Quiet Motor - 21 Rotation Modes

This watch winder 6 watches uses Japanese upgraded mabuchi motor to control tiresome noise below 5 db, can be put on anywhere especially bedroom and office. 100% handmade wooden black box is elegant, soft and flexible pillows with PU leather fit different size watches.


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