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What Kind of Watch Winder Should be Used with Omega Seamaster Diver 300?

Aug 21, 2021

About Omega Watch

Omega was born in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Fonds in northwestern Switzerland, where its founder, Louis Brandt, began his initial watchmaking career by setting up a small workshop for pocket watches. In 1894, the company decided to rename the movement "Omega" after the "Omega" 19-movement, which was awarded a certificate of accuracy by several prestigious European chronometers, and took the Greek letter "Ω" as its symbol, thus giving birth to the name OMEGA.

The English name OMEGA, named after the Greek letter "Ω", symbolizes excellence, perfection and achievement, and is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, the first and the last, similar to the cycle of "the end means the beginning, the end is also the beginning" in Asian philosophy.

Omega seamaster diver 300

It represents the extraordinary quality of "perfection, ultimate, excellence and achievement", and illustrates OMEGA's business philosophy of "excellence in quality" and its spirit of "reverence for tradition and courage to innovate". It represents the extraordinary quality of "perfection, excellence and achievement".

In 1932, OMEGA was the first to introduce a diving watch, the Marine.

Since 1948, OMEGA has been producing professional diving watches under the name "Seamaster". The Seamaster series has been tested by pilots and mariners in difficult environments and has proven its precision and reliability, and the Seamaster badge represents the precision and reliability of the watches in this series.

In 1957, the Seamaster 300M was launched, a watch that was water-resistant to 300 meters and received widespread acclaim from the watchmaking world, as well as the approval and trust of many professional divers. since the 1970s, OMEGA has begun to inject more sporty and stylish elements into the Seamaster collection. In addition to the technical developments that continue to improve the performance of the watches, the appearance has also been constantly improved with more dive watch features such as deeper water resistance, rotatable graduated bezels, chronograph functions, highly visible dials, etc. In addition to being loved by diving enthusiasts and explorers, the Seamaster watches have also appeared on the screen many times, and the cooperation between OMEGA and the James Bond films has been going on for more than twenty years, and both parties still maintain a good The OMEGA Seamaster collection includes The OMEGA Seamaster collection includes several sub-collections: the classic Seamaster 300 collection, the Planet Ocean 600M collection, which incorporates ceramic into the case material, the sporty and casual Aqua Terra 150M collection, the Railmaster collection, originally designed for professionals working around magnetic fields, and the distinctive Bull's Head collection. The Bullhead, the Diver 300M and the Ploprof 1200M for professional divers.

Omega watch movement

About Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-axial Master Chronometer

Starting in 1993, OMEGA launched the brand's modern professional dive watch, the Seamaster 300m Professional. Now it has been close to 30 years. And with the development of a superb selection of materials and functions, as well as a dive watch shape more in line with modern preferences, the OMEGA Seamaster 300m dive watch has become a favorite watch for many.

This Seamaster 300m, with a case diameter of 43.5 mm, common Seamaster 300m dive watches generally have a case diameter of 42 mm mostly. But it doesn't hurt that the tiny difference is not known until you try it on in your hands. What sets this watch apart from other models in the same series has a lot to do with the materials it uses.

The case, made of black zirconia ceramic and Sedna 18k gold, gives the whole thing a textured look. The black ceramic dial is laser ablated and embossed with a wave pattern. The polished Sedna 18K gold hour markers and hands are faceted with a white Super-LumiNova coating that contrasts with the black dial. The one-piece black rubber strap with black ceramic buckle completes the elegant look of the watch. The polished and brushed caseback features a wave-shaped edge and OMEGA's exclusive NAIAD LOCK technology. Also visible through the back is the OMEGA 8806 chronometer movement inside the watch. This movement is chronometer-certified to resist strong magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss.

jqueen double watch winder

About Watch Winder

The winder chosen to go with this watch is a classic Jqueen watch winder. This new watch is simple but elegant, with a classic color palette and Omega's refinement and elegance in every detail. The black vertical classic watch winder from Jqueen is therefore the perfect match. This vertical black two watch winder is a regular five-mode model that is compatible with many watch brands, including Omega.

This watch winder has a silent motor and a carbon fiber material that is hard and unbreakable, giving it a long life. In addition, this watch winder has a LED light display function, so your watch is not only lying in the box to save, but also a stage to show it.

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