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New Collection From JQUEEN - Ingenuity Series

Sep 26, 2020

To use a watch winder or not to use a watch winder?

A watch winder is an electronic watch-storing device in which you put your watch to keep it running when you are not wearing it. When an automatic watch runs out of energy, it stops. But a watch winder rotates your watch in a way that keeps it charges and ensures that it continues running.

A watch winder is a must-have to any watch enthusiast’s collection. For someone who owns multiple automatic watches, a watch winder is really a must-have.

An automatic watch only has so much power-reserve – often 24 to 48 hours, and the issue is that if you don’t wear your watch, it will eventually stop when you don’t wear it. This means that every time you are going to choose a new watch to wear, you need to wind it up, set the time, and potentially set the date and other functions, depending on the type of watch.

By using a watch winder, you ensure that your automatic watches are constantly charged with energy and hence do not stop. This means that no matter which watch you want to wear, it is ready to go.

There are a large number of watch winders of many different types and the number of watches to choose from on the market, but their main purpose is all the same – although some functions can vary. There are watch winders for only one watch, and there are watch winders that can keep tens and tens of watches running at the same time. The price for a watch winder is therefore quite wide, ranging from less than 100 USD up to several thousand for the most sophisticated and luxurious alternatives.

Today we will introduce a new version watch winder, ingenuity series from Jqueen:

The biggest feature of the ingenuity series watch winder is that they are equipped with LCD Touch Screen Display & LED lighting: LCD touch screen control allows you to set each winder to the desired settings for your watch. Built-in LED light illumination and digital display, you can get your watches accurately and quickly even in the dark.

You can learn more about the ingenuity series watch winder here: https://www.jqueenwatchwinders.com/ingenuity-series-collection/

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