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How to choose watch winder

Mar 15, 2020

1. Why do you need a watch winder?

Watches are not afraid to stop or go. No matter how many watches you have, you should not let them stand still for a long time. Automatic mechanical watches rely on the swing of the autopilot to drive gears on the chain. This process can be simulated by mechanical equipment. So the watch winder became a necessity.

2. Classification of watch winder

The watch winder is mainly divided into three categories

2.1. Rotation instrument class:

This open type autorotator is generally used in watch repair shops. There are expensive German ELMA, Swiss BERGEON, German BECO, and cheaper brands.
The advantages of this kind of watch winder are: completely anti-magnetic (although it is said that you do not need anti-magnetic function for your own use, but the repairer does need anti-magnetic function), it can shake a large number of watches at the same time, and it is simple to use. The disadvantage is that it is not dustproof and not beautiful.

2.2. Watch box type (1-9 piece):

watch box type

Most watch friends use this type, which can be rotated by the built-in motor to prevent dust and dust, and has a beautiful appearance.

2.3. Watch cabinet (for Regal):


Usually combined with the functions of safe, drawer, etc., it is a single cabinet. You can choose African red sandalwood, Vietnamese huanghuali and the like for the price of 3000--5000 USD. The owner of this kind of watch winder with more than 20 epitopes has a watch value of more than one million.

3.purchase the watch winder

I thought the watch winder was very simple, but I found a lot of knowledge after searching:
3.1. The antimagnetic function is useless. Modern watch movements have anti-magnetic design. Think about the high-speed rail and subway magnetic fields? How much magnetic force can the mere meter shaker have?

3.2. The dial of the watch winder must be able to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, because some watch automatic rotors can only be chained upwards. In case the watch is wound counterclockwise, your watch shaker can only rotate clockwise, then It's very bad.

3.3. The anti-theft function is meaningless. If a thief has entered the house, no matter how you lock it, someone will move out.

3.4. The silent motor function is not important, the loudest sound comes from your watch bracelet.

3.5. The tilt angle of the turntable is very important. If the angle is too large, the watch will easily fall off. If the turntable is too small, the winding efficiency is insufficient.

3.6. The size of the table pillow is also important. Needless to say, the leather strap is easy to adjust. If the watch bracelet cannot fit the table pillow tightly, it is likely to shake and fall. The table shaker should provide at least two sizes of table pillows.

3.7. Service life and quality assurance are more important. Generally speaking, Japanese Mabuchi motors and German motors have better quality control, and their service life performance will be more stable, while Taiwan nichibo is worse.

3.8. Don't believe in German brands, Swiss technology, etc. You need a case to case to compare the workmanship of the motor and the case.

4. post orders

Excluding electronic watches such as Garmin and Casio, my family currently has about 10 mechanical watches, so considering various factors such as the number of my watches, I chose this 6+7, which is already the largest style in the box:


shop 6 Watch Winder with 7 storages -Bubinga


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