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Get The Perfect Watch Winder - The Wrong Watch Winder is a Deadly Cradle For Your Watch

Aug 12, 2020

After buying a mechanical watch, many people feel that they don’t get enough exercise, or that they have more than two watches that are not frequently replaced, then the watch will be insufficiently wound, leading to inaccurate time or stop. At this time, people will have the idea of buying a watch winder. While purchasing a winder for your watch is an activity that should always be undertaken with care. There are many different types of winders available these days and when there is too much choice, purchasing can become more difficult than it needs to be. There is always something to learn about choosing a watch winder. This article will tell you about the watch winder and how to choose a perfect watch winder.

The watch winder, also known as an automatic watch winder or an automatic watch box, generally refers to a watch box equipped with a motor, which is used to automatically wind high-end mechanical watches. The watch winder is equipped with one or more micro motors, which are driven by batteries or an external power source, and can be controlled by shifting and switching. This kind of watch box is equipped with a rotatable small dial, which rotates slowly under the drive of a micro motor, so it can achieve the effect of automatic winding only by placing the mechanical watch in this dial.

As is well-known, automatic mechanical watches keep themselves wound by the movement on the wearer’s wrist. If they are not worn frequently, they will stop. Long-term stoppage will not only cause serious damage to the watch movement. It is troublesome to re-adjust the time after winding. So the watch winder plays its role at this time.

Many people are wondering whether or not to buy one watch winder, and what is suitable. The editor here reminds that normal movement will cause wear to the movement itself, and suspension will not cause wear to the movement. However, it is necessary to ensure that the chain is wound once a month and keep the mechanical gears running lubricated, which can prolong the service life and accuracy of the mechanical watch.

Therefore, there is no need for ordinary watches to be equipped with a watch winder. For the perpetual calendar with complicated structure or the annual calendar watch with complicated adjustment, the editor recommends using the watch winder. If you don’t have enough exercise during the day or have many watches, it is also recommend to buy a watch winder, which can wind your watch at night so that you can choose to wear it at any time. What functions do you need to buy a watch winder?

Satisfy single and bidirectional directions

All watch movements are designed with two winding methods: two-way winding and single winding. Therefore, the purchased watch winder should meet the setting that can shake the watch in two directions and in one direction. There are some low-end watch winders that only shake in one direction, so I don't recommend buying them.

Single, Double or Quadruple

The number of watches the winder can accommodate should also form part of your criteria because you can choose to wind more than one watch at a time. It is also possible to purchase winders that have been designed to accommodate large, heavy watches, as well as those that are smaller and more delicate. If you match watches with various sets of clothes, you will likely need a watch winder that can wind multiple watches at the same time.

Consider Turns Per Day

Depending on which automatic watch you have, specifically the type of watch and the kind of movement it features, it will need to be wound a set number of turns per day (TPD). If you are not sure of your watch’s TPD, you can find it out from your user’s guide, from the jeweler who sold you the watch, or by going online and searching for the brand and model. As you are selecting your watch winder, make sure it has the capability to be set according to your watch’s TPD specifications.

Set the winding and sleep time according to different movements

It is necessary to set different time ratios of winding and stopping according to different movements, to keep the movement in a reasonable state, and it will neither wear too much nor stop running due to insufficient power. According to statistics, most self-winding movements rotate 500 to 800 turns per day can meet the requirements of watch winding. If the watch is always on the chain, most of the watch is in the state of full chain idling, which will cause some unnecessary wear and tear to the movement gear. So it is very important for the watch winder whether it has accurate winding or not.

Good Motor Quality

This is probably the most important feature you need to look for. If the motor does not run well, your watch will not be well-maintained. A good indication of a long lasting motor is when it does not make any noise while working, as noise can be a sign of wear and tear and this might compromise your watch.

Magnetic shield is needed

The principle of the watch winder is to work through the operation of a motor, and the motor will emit a magnetic field, which will cause the possibility of magnetization of the watch movement for a long time. This requires that the watch winder is designed with a magnetic shield for the motor to prevent magnetic diffusion, and the watch position is set outside the motor's magnetic field.

If you travel often, choose a watch winder that uses battery 

If you like bringing more than one watch when you travel, get a watch winder that is battery-operated so that you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Other functions, such as whether the fixed position of the watch winder is designed to prevent the watch from falling off, also needs attention. Nowadays, the direction control of the watch winder is a relatively common function. As long as you ask clearly about the motor magnetic wave problem before buying, you can also check it yourself. These are relatively easy.

The best watch winder will be one that complements the quality, size and movement of your watches. Watch winder reviews from existing customers will provide you with real time information regarding functionality and performance, as well as commentary on specific features. After working through the above and doing your due diligence, the process of how to go about purchasing a winder will be relatively straightforward. You can feel confident that you will have selected the best watch winder for your watches.

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