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Jqueen watch winder settings for ALFRED DUNHILL

Mar 10, 2021

At the beginning of the 20th century, the British Alfred Dunhill created a modern luxury brand for the perfect gentleman, dedicated to elegant and sophisticated products. It symbolizes the classics but it is not static. After designing racer costumes, bellboy costumes, novelty items, small accessories, especially lighters, etc., DUNHILL has returned to the perfume industry and launched an elegant and extraordinary fragrance for men.

Dunhill has a loyal and distinguished customer base, each of whom is a leader in fashion at the time. This list includes: King Alfonso of Spain, Duke of Kent of Norway, King of Siam (today Thailand), King Farouk of Egypt, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of India, as well as Somerset Maugham and Oliver · Hardy and so on. Almost everyone loves Dunhill's perfume, enjoys Dunhill's cigar, and hopes to know the time through Dunhill's watch, and use Dunhill's pen and stationery to write letters to relatives and friends.

Most watches can correctly send the automatic winding device of the Alfred Dunhill watch. Usually, Alfred Dunhill's automatic movement needs to rotate 650 times a day, most of which can be used in combination. So please take some time and like to choose a cute clockwork that suits you and your watch.

It is no coincidence that most automatic watches produced today have very common spring specifications, so it is easy to find a suitable barrel.

After programming the winder on the watch, you can keep it, which will leave your AlfredDunhill watch intact and ready to wear!

Alfred Dunhill

The table below shows that most AlfredDunhill watches sold today are wound in combination mode, but there are always exceptions, so make sure you understand the correct specifications of the watch.

(Always make sure to use the manufacturer’s specifications as the "number of turns per day" and "winding direction". «CW»-clockwise winding direction; «CCW»-counterclockwise winding direction; «two» combination modes (clockwise + clockwise) Clockwise + counterclockwise);)

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