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Jqueen watch winder settings for AIRAIN

Mar 8, 2021

AIRAIN Type 20 is not a unique model of Breguet. These watches are made at the request of the French Air Force, and "Type 20" or "Type 21" does not refer to its model, but a technical specification used by the French Air Force in the 1950s. Only a few brands were selected to create these timepieces, namely: Bréguet (the most well-known and most collectible), Dodane and Auricoste. The history of the above three brands has continued to this day. There are also three brands, they are: Vixa (a German watch factory forced to work for France after World War II), Mathey Tissot and today's protagonist Airain. Why just say Airain? Because only a fraction of the price of Bréguet, we can witness the mysterious Type 20 with our own eyes. We may need to accumulate at least 15,000 euros for a Bréguet Type 20, but for Airain, 2,000 to 3,000 euros is enough.

Most watch winders can correctly wind the automatic winding movement of AIRAIN watches. Generally, AIRAIN's self-winding movement needs to rotate 800 revolutions per day, most of which can rotate clockwise. So please take some time and like to choose a cute clockwork that suits you and your watch.

It is no coincidence that most automatic watches produced today have very common spring specifications, so it is easy to find a suitable barrel.

After programming the winder on the watch, you can keep it, which will leave your AIRAIN watch intact and ready to wear!


The table below shows that most AIRAIN watches sold today are wound in combination mode, but there are always exceptions, so make sure you understand the correct specifications of the watch.

(Always make sure to use the manufacturer’s specifications as the "number of turns per day" and "winding direction". «CW»-clockwise winding direction; «CCW»-counterclockwise winding direction; «two» combination modes (clockwise + Clockwise + counterclockwise) ;)

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