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Is it necessary to use a watch winder for automatic mechanical watches?

Jan 9, 2021
Most of today's famous watches are automatic mechanical watches. However, many people who buy automatic mechanical watches think that this type of watch is fully automatic without having to install electronics. In fact, there is a certain misunderstanding from the literal understanding. The actual automatic mechanical watch is not the so-called automatic watch. It is a watch that requires constant shaking of the hand to keep running. Its principle is that the watch is worn on the hand. Under normal circumstances, the hand is constantly moving. After the hand can shake the watch, the winding hammer in the automatic mechanical watch can be rotated to achieve energy storage on the watch. This shows that the automatic mechanical watch is It needs a certain amount of shaking to keep the time accurate. For example, this Shanghai brand automatic mechanical fashion simple waterproof men's business watch 792, automatic mechanical movement, long-term energy storage, so when the automatic mechanical watch is left there for a period of time, the watch will stop. watch winder If the mechanical watch is stopped for a long time, it will not only cause serious damage to the watch movement, but the oil inside the movement will freeze. It is also troublesome to re-adjust the time after each winding. At this time, the watch winder is needed, especially There are many watches at home or people who rarely wear watches. The working principle of the watch shaker is to imitate an automatic mechanical watch by shaking it as if it is worn on a human hand, so that the automatic mechanical watch can be wound and stored energy so as to keep accurate time. Automatic mechanical watches will stop when they are rarely worn. In addition, automatic mechanical watches are assembled from hundreds of small mechanical parts. Each part must work together in one link, so the automatic mechanical watch is equipped with If there is a good lubricant, if the automatic mechanical watch stops for too long, the lubricant will thicken or solidify. Once the lubricating oil of the automatic mechanical watch is solidified, it can be troublesome. It needs to be sent to the after-sales maintenance point to wash the oil. This process is to remove all the hundreds of parts of the automatic mechanical watch, wash them one by one and then apply the oil and then assemble Going back, this is a very time-consuming and laborious work, and the cost of washing oil is not cheap. Therefore, the use of the watch shaker is still helpful to the daily maintenance of automatic mechanical watches. For watches that are collected or worn infrequently, you can manually wind the watch once a month without using the watch winder. In addition, the watch needs to be maintained every 3-5 years. Note that when using the watch winder, the watch itself must run normally before putting it in. It is best to have more than half of the kinetic energy, because the watch shaker keeps the watch running, and the stopped watch may not be able to drive.
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