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How to use the watch winder correctly for all brands

Jan 10, 2021
Recently, I have seen a lot of posts about whether to use the watch winder. I personally think that as long as the watch winder is set properly, it can minimize wear and tear and make it convenient for watch friends with many watches. It is not necessary to always set the time and date, shake the watch. The device is more suitable for watches with annual calendar, perpetual calendar and power time of about 40 hours but often worn.
Many people buy a watch winder and don’t know the winding direction of their watch model. If your watch is wound in one direction, you need to know whether the automatic rotor is wound clockwise or counterclockwise. If the rotation direction is set incorrectly, It will cause the problem that the watch cannot be wound without power! If your watch is bidirectional, you can use the method of switching left and right to shake the watch.
Today, I will share with you a website with detailed explanations of the winding directions of all watch brand movements, so that you can use the watch winder more appropriately! Website address— https://www.orbita.com/winder-support/?from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0
Check your brand first
Then find the detailed model of your watch's movement
orbita2 orbita3 orbita4 orbita5
Direction: CW means clockwise setting and optional winding, CCW means counterclockwise rotating winding, and bidirectional winding is set to automatic. Taking Rolex as an example, it is two-way winding, which can be wound clockwise and counterclockwise. Taking the Patek Philippe 324 movement as an example, ccw needs to set the watch winder to wind counterclockwise. Both can be bidirectional, and bidirectional automatic rotation can be used.
Hope this is useful to everyone.
Regarding the setting of the speed cycle, this can be set by referring to the number of laps per day written above. If it is a long power, you can set the number of rotations per day more.
Finally, attach two instructions for the watch winder
There are two points to note when using the meter winder:
1. Before the watch is put in, the watch should run normally, preferably with more than half of the kinetic energy, because the watch shaker only keeps the watch running, and the watch that has stopped may not be able to drive;
2. The steering of the watch winder must be in line with the design of the watch.
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