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How to Wind a Patek Philippe Watch?

May 10, 2022


About Patek Philippe
How to wind a Patek Philippe watch?
Watch winders for Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is known as the "King of Watches" and has an unrivaled reputation in the watchmaking world. Owning a Patek Philippe is the dream of many watch enthusiasts. Do you know how to wind a Patek Philippe watch? This article will provide you with a detailed introduction.

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About Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a well-known Swiss watch brand that was founded in 1839. Patek Philippe has always believed in the philosophy of quality and adheres to the production principle of focusing on quality rather than weight and craftsmanship for over 100 years. There is only one theme, and that is the pursuit of perfection. Patek Philippe produced a very limited number of watches for over a century and a half, and they were only sold in the world's top boutiques. Patek Philippe has several patents and has always been at the forefront of watch technology. Its watches are all handcrafted in the original factory, adhering to the excellent tradition of quality, beauty, and dependability. Patek Philippe has a strong sense of quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and continuous innovation Created a world-renowned watch brand.

At present, Patek Philippe is still the only manufacturer in the world that adopts manual refining and can complete the entire watchmaking process in the original factory, and adheres to the traditional craftsmanship of watches. The Swiss watch industry calls this traditional manufacturing method "Geneva's 7 traditional watchmaking techniques", which means that it integrates the traditional crafts of designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, watchmakers, sculptors, porcelain painters, and jewelers. For movements, the Patek Philippe Seal specifies an extreme rate accuracy with a tolerance of no more than -3/+2 seconds per day. In keeping with the grand Genevan traditions, it imposes very strict requirements on the manual finishing of movement parts. It also validates the materials' quality, the perfection of the precious stones, and the work of the gem setters. Furthermore, it is the only quality seal for watches that guarantees maintenance, repairs, and restoration for the entire lifetime of the watch and covers all watches crafted by the manufacturer since 1839.

How to wind a Patek Philippe watch?

It is just like how you would wind any other type of watch. Some very old watches may require a key to wind, but such watches are rare. The majority of watches are either manual winding or self-winding.

If it is manual, you turn the crown. Every morning, a manually wound watch should be wound. This improves the movement flawless function and decreases its This improves the movement's flawless function and reduces its susceptibility to shocks and positional variations.

If it is automatic, you wear it (or put it on a watch winder). The power reserve of self-winding movements ranges between 38 and 48 hours (except for special models). If the watch has been set aside or has stopped working, it can be manually wound by turning the crown a few times until it starts working again.

Watch winders for Patek Philippe

If you don't want to wind your watch manually, a watch winder is a good option. The most important features to look for in a watch winder are the TPD and the winding direction. The majority of Patek Philippe watches require an 800 TPD and need to be wound counter-clockwise. Below are some of the most popular Patek Philippe models and their winding settings.

ModelTurn DirectionTPD
3712/1 NautilusCCW800
3738/100 Golden EllipseCCW800
3800/1 Nautilus (1991+)CCW800
4936 Ladies’ ComplicatedCCW800
5013 Grand ComplicationsCW800
5033/100P Men Grand ComplicationsCW800
5072R AquanautCCW800
5073P Men Grand ComplicationsCW800
5074 Grand ComplicationsCW800
5078G Grand ComplicationsCW800
5120 CalatravaCCW800
5123G Men ComplicationsCW800
5127 CalatravaCCW800
5130G World TimeCCW800
5160G Grand ComplicationsCCW800
5167A AquanautCCW800
5168G AquanautCCW800
5205G Mens'ComplicatedCCW800
5208R Grand ComplicationsCW800
5212A ComplicationsCCW800
5213G Men Grand ComplicationsCW800
5227G Men CalatravaCCW800
5327R Grand ComplicationsCCW800
5374P Grand ComplicationsCW800
5396/1G Men ComplicationsCCW800
5496R Grand ComplicationsCCW800
5524G ComplicationsCCW800
5711/1A NautilusCCW800
5711/1R NautilusCCW800
5712/1A NautilusCCW800
5712R NautilusCCW800
5738P Golden EllipseCCW800
5740/1G NautilusCCW800
5961R ComplicationsCCW800
5968A AquanautCCW800
5980/1A NautilusCCW800
5990 NautilusCCW800
6104G Grand Complications CelestialCCW800
6104R Grand Complications CelestialCCW800
7118/1A NautilusCCW800
7140R Ladies'Grand ComplicationsCCW800
7200/200R CalatravaCCW800
7300/1200A Twenty-FourCCW800

If you cannot find your watch model on this table, you can consult the manufacturer or try it on repeatedly to determine the winding pattern of your watch.

  • CW - Clockwise winding direction
  • CCW - Counterclockwise winding direction
  • Both - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise)
  • TPD - Turns per day

Don't be concerned if the TPD for winding your watch is slightly higher than the recommended value. Each automatic watch has a built-in safeguard to prevent over-wounding.

There are many different types of watch winders on the market, and a poor quality watch winder can ruin your valuable watch. Here are 3 popular watch winders to consider.

Jqueen Best Single Watch Winder - Black

  • Material: Wood box/PU pillow/Acrylic panel
  • Size: 13*13*16.5cm
  • 5 modes, TPD settings ranging from 650 to 900
  • Supports all three winding directions
  • Anti-magnetization
  • Mabuchi motor
  • Dual power supply
  • 18-months warranty

JQUEEN is a well-known watch winder manufacturer. Jqueen design each watch winder with great inspiration and premium materials. Every year, up to a million people from more than 20 countries use JQUEEN watch winders. If you're looking for a dependable watch winder brand, look no further than JQUEEN. This watch winder surface has been painted numerous times to make it more beautiful, bright, and smooth. The flannel interior and wood pattern look stylish and luxurious. It includes a soft and flexible pillow that fits any size watch.

Wolf Axis Single winder

  • Material: Vegan leather
  • Size: 14*20.8*17.4cm
  • TPD settings ranging from 300 to 1200
  • Supports all three winding directions
  • Anti-magnetization
  • Dual power supply
  • 2-years warranty

Every WOLF winder precisely counts the number of rotations. The number of rotations is estimated by all other winders. Clean, sleek lines are combined with copper or powder-coated laser-cut perforated steel. AXIS promotes a modern, bold appearance for storing your timepieces. AXIS is an ideal addition to your collection thanks to its trusted patented technology and sleek design. Custom metal plating, microsuede interior, locking glass cover, backlit LCD display, powder-coated or copper finished hardware, and a single winding module is all included.

Jqueen Newly Upgraded Vertical Double Automatic Best Affordable Watch Winder

  • Material: Ebony wood box/PU pillow/Acrylic panel
  • Size: 26.5*18*18cm
  • 5 modes, TPD settings ranging from 650 to 900
  • Supports all three winding directions
  • Anti-magnetization
  • Mabuchi motor
  • Dual power supply
  • 18-months warranty

The watch winder has an ebony wood pattern and an off-white color, making it more attractive and fashionable. The light can be controlled by an LED light switch located on the back of the watch winder. At night, turning on the light allows you to see your watch more clearly. The door buckle makes it easier to open and close the lid.


Patek Philippe is one of the world's most prestigious watch brands, and it deserves to be well protected. Winding a Patek Philippe is similar to winding any other watch. It is recommended that you use a watch winder if you are tired of manually winding your watch. Different models have different watch winder settings, which you should be aware of.


1. Can I overwind a Patek Philippe?

No, you can not overwind it because it is protected. When you turn the crown, you will hear a series of delicate clicks as soon as the mainspring is fully wound. These clicks are perfectly normal. They simply indicate that additional winding is no longer required.

2. What does a watch winder do?

A winder gently replicates your body's motion by rotating the watch at intervals to maintain the energy and tension in the mainspring, allowing for continuous and accurate time display.

3. Is the watch winder harmful to my Patek Philippe?

A good watch winder will not cause any harm to the watch. It will not harm your watch as long as you select a watch winder that matches your watch model (specially TPD and rotation direction).

4. Do I need a watch winder?

A watch winder is required if you own more than one watch. Long periods of inactivity in a drawer for a mechanical watch can cause lubrication to condense in complicated and critical areas, causing the watch to move slowly. A well-designed watch winder aids in the proper lubrication and operation of your fine watch. It also reduces the need to reset or adjust the watch when not in use, which is especially useful for automatic watches with complications like perpetual calendars and moon phases.

Thanks for your reading. If you want to see more models of watch winders, you can take a look at JQUEEN, we provide a full range of services for you.

If you have any question, please feel to contact me.

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