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how many watch winder settings for rolex

Mar 3, 2021

Rolex watches usually require about 650-800 TPD (revolutions per day) to maintain 100% of the kinetic energy of the day. The standard setting of the winder is considered to be 750 TPD, as this is usually required for most modern watches. The fact that this is a little higher than Rolex demand does not cause any harmful problems, so there is no real concern here.

The vast majority of Rolex watches are bidirectional, which means they can be wound clockwise or counterclockwise. The following table shows some of the most popular models today. As you can see, they all have the same winding specifications.

rolex watch

Always make sure to use the "number of turns per day" and "winding direction" specified by the manufacturer.

When you wear a Rolex every day, it will keep the wound tangled. Most models have a so-called automatic winding mechanism, and your day's activities are your own, which keeps the watch in a tight state. The Oyster Quartz machine is the only machine without this setting.

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